Uson is the premier provider of leak detection equipment, systems and solutions and the industry pioneer with 50 years experience.

The automotive, industrial, medical device and packaging industries all count on us for creative, innovative testing in order to ensure they are bringing the highest quality products to market.


The Raptor may seem like a simple thing. It even sounds simple: single-channel leak tester. On this very website, you can find extremely versatile, highly configurable leak testers and leak testing systems, the industry’s finest technology, that have helped reduce recalls and increase efficiencies for a wide array of product manufacturers all over the world.


Uson’s Model 628 differential pressure decay leak tester is a compact, reliable, and accurate instrument that is ideal as a budget-friendly benchtop option for a wide range of industries. The 628 leak tester incorporates an intelligently designed multi-language user interface, with the capability to collect and transmit a vast amount of data, for offline trend analysis and a deep level of insight.

The 628 is a highly flexible leak tester, offering users the ability to choose from five pressure ranges – from vacuum up to 15 bar to cover a wide range of applications. And, it allows users to create and save up to 30 test programs for fast recall.

Sprint iQ

Ideal for the medical industry, the Sprint iQ can perform 13 types of tests for devices such as catheters, tube sets and other medical products.

Sprint mD

Designed to seamlessly integrate into your network, the SprintmD communicates and assimilates process data to and from connected equipment, providing the intelligence required to optimize manufacturing quality processes. The SprintmD helps users achieve operational excellence by delivering improved process insights powered by embedded fieldbus technology and combined with advanced security features to meet compliance requirements. With a very fast cycle time and the ability to accommodate a wide range of multi-functional and part integrity tests, the SprintmD is the ideal leak tester to meet the requirements for product testing within the medical device industry.

Qualitek mR

Qualitek mR combines the latest advances in multi-range (mR) testing technology with the expertise and reliability of one of the premier names in testing. Head and shoulders above any other tester of its type on the market, this versatile and affordable product offers high-quality and accurate results for light- to medium-duty applications.

Optima vT

Optima vT offers Uson’s industry-leading reliability and advanced leak testing technology in a highly configurable and versatile package. A comprehensive user interface puts control and information directly in your hands via the large, clear touch screen display


The fastest and most powerful testers on the market, the Vector family of testers raises performance to new levels of efficiency and productivity. Their unrivalled speeds enable you to conduct leak and flow tests faster, increasing production like never before. Count on Vector testers to deliver the utmost in accuracy and repeatability while eliminating false rejects and keeping defective products from reaching the market. Vector software runs in a Windows® environment making it extremely powerful yet very simple to use.

Leak Masters

For more than 50 years, Uson has been the global leader in the field of leak standards for a wide range of leak and flow testing applications. Our calibrated leak masters give you the ability to verify the performance of your leak tester or flow meter and are an essential accessory for your leak detection equipment and metrology department.