Free consultation service for test and measurement applications


Product Summary
Transducers for Physical Measurements
Pressure, Temperature, Flow,
Force, Torque, Distance/Displacement,

Color, Sound, Velocity, Vibration, and Acceleration.

Pressure & Temperature Metrology Solutions

Data Acquisition Hardware & Software
Data Logging, Visualization and Analysis
Mobile Equipment Field Testing
Process Verification and Signature Analysis Tools

Sensors, Instrumentation & Turnkey Systems
Vibration & Acoustic Testing

Vibration Simulators and Electro-Dynamic Shakers For 
Reproduction of Field Collected Data in Lab Simulation Environment

Assembly Automation Solutions
Production & Process Monitoring Systems
Quality Control Software
Barcode Readers, Machine Vision

CAN-based Sensors and Electronics for OEM On-and-Off Highway Applications

Corporate Mission
To Be Our Customer's Best Advocates
To Demonstrate Prompt Attention to Requests
To Communicate Accurately
To Possess and Practice Sound Technical Competency
To Be Trustworthy, Honest and Consistent


Customers Choose MMP
Our Services are Free - Extensive Experience - Consultative Selling
Technical Knowledge - Conduits to "Answer Bank" - Availability for On-Site Meetings
Local Presence - Extensive Network of Relationships


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Predictable Overhead - Synergistic Lines - Technical Knowledge
Territorial Knowledge & Experience - Track Record & Reputation
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Industry Segments Served

Appliances Gov’t Research Power Conversion
Automotive Hand Tools Power Electronics
Automation Hydraulics Powertrain
Avionics/Aerospace Industrial Controls Pumps
Computing Lighting & Signage Renewable Energy
Consumer Products Medical/Healthcare Robotics
Custom Machinery Military/Defense Telecommunications
Electronics Motors Textiles
Engines Off-Highway University / Research
Food & Beverage Packaging Valves