Midwest Measurement Products is now Instrumentation Resources

Thank you for visiting the Midwest Measurement Products website. Please note, as of 1/1/2020, MMP is now Instrumentation Resources. You may still contact us at our main office number: (414) 235-3592. We look forward to continue working with you!

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Products and Services

Transducers for Physical Measurements

Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Force, Torque, Color
Diameter, Length, ID, Gap, Runout, Distance, Displacement, Velocity,
Acceleration, Sound Level & Sound Power, Vibration, and Acceleration
CANBUS-based Sensors for OEM On-and-Off Highway Applications
Analog Sensors for Test & Measurement

Data Acquisition Hardware & Software

Data Acquisition, Analysis and Playback Software
Distributed and Standalone Hardware
Test Stands or Mobile Equipment Testing
Process Verification and Signature Analysis Tools

Automated Assembly & Test

Programmable Electromechanical Assembly Presses
Signature Analysis Process Monitoring Solutions
Programmable Servo-Torque Controllers
Quality Control Software
Pressure Decay Leak Test Solutions

Turnkey Systems

Electro-Dynamic (E/D) Shakers and Complete Vibration Simulation Test Systems
Press-Fit Assembly Workstations
Leak Test Stations with Fixturing & Test Chambers

Electronic Test & Measurement

Power Products: DC Power Supplies, AC Power Sources, DC Electronic Loads
Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
Basic T&M Instruments for Component Testing: Safety Testers, LCR Meters, Milli-ohm Meters, and DMMs
Spectrum Analyzers
Signal Sources


Pressure Transducer Calibration
Pressure Gage Calibration
RTD, Thermometer and Temperature Trandsucer Calibration
Flowmeter and Flow Transducers
Pressure Decay and Flow Test Instruments